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For Bookings - Contact John Bentall:

(847) 980-6484

Hot Hole Plumbers

The band was founded by brothers John ( Pitbull) Bentall and Bill (Lytning) Boltz in 1992 as "Night Mission", but the Night Mission name was lame and the person who thought of it was immediately fired.

Since Pitbull and Lytning needed a name that would spawn some controversy, the name Hot Hole Plumbers seemed less generic than most and stuck.


Some bar owners are put-off by the name, but most forward thinking club owners find it fascinating. In 2004, the band took a break to pursue other projects but found nothing was as satisfying as Hot Hole Plumbers so in 2011 they reunited.

And so the adventure continues....…

Genre: AC/DC to ZZ Top; plus a few original tunes thrown in for balance


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