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Teri is an integral part of the Hot Hole Plumbers band. Teri assists the band with stage set-up, breakdown and performance issues. Recently she has decided to take on the duties of sound mixing.

Teri has been associated with H2P for as long as we can remember. Her positive attitude, beautiful smile and fearless exuberance makes her invaluable to us.

Could we perform without her assistance? Maybe, but it wouldn't be nearly as fun.


For Bookings - Contact John Bentall:

(847) 980-6484

John 'Pitbull' Bentall

John ‘'Pitbull'’ Bentall has been a bass player, singer song writer since the age of 12. He has sung and played in numerous bands in the Chicagoland area ranging from easy listening to heavy metal. He has done extensive studio work as well as touring with his bands over the years. He enjoys playing in front of large crowds as well as having some of his original music played on local radio stations. John’s high energy stage presence and unique vocal ability set him apart from local talent and provides crowds with a must see show.

John’s influences include Ted Nugent, Michael Anthony, David Lee Roth and Alice Cooper for their musical abilities as well as their stage presence.

John uses Washburn, Cort and Fender basses as well as Fender, BBE and Mackie power amps to power his 2x18 stack.

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